Newsletter August 1, 2017


By Bob Ponchot


 Fear is ruling the day. I’ve never heard as many people express fear as I am hearing now. Fear about the economy, fear over losing their jobs, and fear about the future. These fears are real, and I’m afraid justified. We definitely live in uncertain times. If you have all your money tied up in the stock market, you have reason to be fearful today.

 Our Lord spoke of fearful times coming. In Luke 21, I realize that it’s not always easy to ascertain the time period Jesus is referring to, He speaks of a time when “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and FEARFUL EVENTS and great signs from heaven.” Luke 21:10, 11.

 If this passage is referring to the end times, then what are the “fearful events”? For the Christian, for certain, it is not “global warming”. We in Christ also know that money will not bail us out, but God’s Divine plan will. Many of our government leaders believe that “pork spending” will fatten America up. I personally believe we need more “pork-chops” than more “pork spending”.

If government is not the solution, if money is not the solution, then what is? It is the face of God looking favorably on us once again. He does have “the whole world in His hands.” The key is found in Psalm 80:3, “Turn us again, O God. And cause Thy face to shine. And we shall be saved.” If we look to Him, He will look after us!

I say to you Christians, we had better cling to our faith because that’s the only thing that will sustain us and enable us to deal with our fears. In John chapter six, the disciples were in a boat, rowing toward Capernaum when they found themselves in the midst of a storm. The text says that “a strong wind was blowing and the water grew rough”. Verse 18. They were fearful, just like many of us are today. But here comes Jesus, walking on the water and He calms their fears with six words: It is I, don’t be afraid.”

The voice we listen to in these fearful times will determine our stability or instability; a spirit of fear or a spirit of calmness in the midst of troubled waters. The winds are going to blow and the waters will grow rougher in the coming days. Somebody needs to look up and hear His voice. “It is I, don’t be afraid.”

JULY 2: 48 $1904.00
JULY 9: 50 $1923.00
JULY 16: 44 $1122.00
JULY 23: 39 $1045.00
JULY 30: 44 $1701.00